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Marcia J. Cooper BEd med ccc

About Me

My experience with grief and loss has been both personal and professional.

Personal: I have also been touched by devastating personal losses and know how sometimes the process of grieving can be a difficult and rarely a straight path. My experiences have taught me that no matter how great the losses are, leaving a hole in your heart, we can learn to live again. Life will not be the same as before the loss, but after moving through the grief we are a new and different person whose heart’s hole can be filled again. Due to my experiences, I know my purpose is to make a difference in the lives of people – like you, who are working through your own losses no matter the source.

Grief Therapy with Marcia J. Cooper BED MED CCC


I have worked with many people of all ages and at different life stages to help them cope and to find ways of moving forward after a loss. Grief is a very personal journey, and whether you have experienced the loss of a loved one, a relationship or ghosting, a pet, a job, or anything you held dear, I’m here to tell you it is possible to find meaning, purpose and to live again in a different way.

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Online Grief Counselling BC with Marcia
  • In Practice for 22 Years
  • Certificate from Therapy Online (WorldWide Therapy Online) Cybercounselling Level 1 and 2 / 2018
  • Certificate from University of British Columbia Bachelor of Education / 1979
  • Attended University of British Columbia, Graduated 2002 – Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology

Online Counselling

If you are interested in finding out more about counselling online and how it may work for you, please contact me through (a non-confidential email address) or check out the FAQ – Life, Loss and to Live Again – Online Counselling for possible answers to your questions.

Within my work of mindfulness,

the following values are the guides to my practice


The belief that change is possible – if we don’t have hope then we don’t have tomorrow.


When one is faced with a problem, what is the solution? What is it trying to teach you? How can I bounce back, even in grief?


Allowing our thoughts and feelings of anger, hurt, hatred to be released. Forgiveness doesn’t change the past but allows us to move forward and take control of ourselves.


To listen and to learn – one has to understand where a person is at before they can help themselves or someone else.

Life, Loss, and To Live Again Counselling in BC


Allows for the courage to make change so we can be the best version of ourselves.

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