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Online Counselling FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

How do I register to start Online Counselling?

When you click on the link provided below – it will take you to another page from Life, Loss and to Live Again where you can set up your OwlTherapy account,
Registration will take you from my website to a confidential site to complete some important steps, please fill out this information to the best of your ability.
If you have any questions, prior to registering, please contact me at for any non-confidential information.


How long will it take for you to respond to me?

I like to respond within two to three (2-3) business days.  This gives me enough time to formulate a response to your needs and concerns, in a thoughtful, professional and mindful manner.  My replies are based on one hour of counselling time – which includes the reading of your email, note taking and preparing a response.

During our first session, we  will determine the frequency of our calls, secure messaging (once a week, every two weeks, etc.), possible suggestions or homework (readings, for example) I may ask you to complete.

How many sessions would we have and how often would they be?

The answer to these questions depends on a few things:
🐾 the nature of your concerns
🐾the type of grief you are experiencing
🐾 the frequency will be determined by us during the first session – sometimes they are once a week or every two weeks – giving you time to process the exchanges between us
🐾 my belief is to provide short-term counselling in a timely manner
🐾 long-term psychotherapy is provided best through face-2-face counsellor meetings (such as in chronic grief)

What if I develop a crisis while working with you?

If you are in counselling with me, I check my messages once each business day (Monday to Friday) and I will not be available on weekends or marked holidays.

However any serious life threatening emergencies (suicidal idealisation/thoughts) should be addressed immediately by calling any of the following or reporting to your local hospital, doctor, 988 – Suicide Crisis Helpline (24/7) or 911

What if I have a question I wish to ask before we get started?

You can contact me at as well as schedule a free 15-minute consultation. Please note this email address is for questions you may have regarding my practice.

What are your basic requirements for me to access online counselling?

  •  Presently,  I am only working with British Columbia residents – due to regulations and licencing in other provinces.
  •  I am not able to serve residents in the United States, as the USA laws require counsellors to be licensed in the state in which they practice.  Since I’m not licensed in the USA, I can’t provide the service to you.
  • I only work with adults +19 and over.

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